Printable Piano Lesson Book
Free Sheet Music for Learning Piano
By Brandy Kraemer, Guide

Your free piano practice lessons are available in several file formats and sizes. Each lesson targets a specific technique, and ends with a practice song to perfect your new skills and exercise your sight-reading abilities. Start from the beginning, or pick up where you feel comfortable!

Choose From the Following Lesson Bundles:

Piano Lesson One

Piano notes quiz■ Keys: C major & G major
■ Meters: Common time

Targeted Techniques:

 ♦ Sight-reading
 ♦ Beginner piano fingering
 ♦ Reading accidentals
 ♦ Octave changes

Piano Lesson Two

Piano notes quiz■ Keys: C major & G major
■ Meters: Common time; 3/4 & 2/4

Targeted Techniques:

 ♦ Dotted notes
 ♦ Memorizing intervals & small chords
 ♦ Playing repeat signs

Piano Lesson Three

Piano notes quiz■ Keys: D major/B minor & G major
■ Meters: Common time

Targeted Techniques:

 ♦ Dotted notes
 ♦ Harmonic & melodic minors
 ♦ Repeat barlines
 ♦ Articulation symbols

Piano Lesson Four

Piano notes quiz■ Keys: D major & G major
■ Meters: Common time & 2/4

Targeted Techniques:

 ♦ Counting triplets
 ♦ Staccato accents

Images © Brandy Kraemer

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 ● How to Read Piano Fingering
 ● 8va & Octave Commands
 ● Playing Dotted Notes
 ● Musical Repeat Signs

 ● Relative Major & Minor Scales
 ● Harmonic & Melodic Minors (by Dan Cross,
 ● Note Accents & Articulation Marks
 ● Playing Triplets, With Optional Audio Help

  How to Read Piano Music
• Notes of the Piano Keys
• Note-Lengths in U.S. & U.K. English
• Musical Rest Lengths
• Memorize the Notes of the Grand Staff
  Beginner Musical Symbols
• Staff & Barlines
• Understanding the Key Signature
• How to Read the Time Signature
• Reading Tempo & Beats per Minute
  Beginner Piano Lessons
• Accidentals & Double-Accidentals
• Comparing Major & Minor
• Piano Chord Types & Symbols
• Diminished Chords & Dissonance
  ♫ Musical Quizzes!
• Identify the Notes of the Keyboard
• Note Length Quiz (U.S. or U.K. English)
• Grand Staff Notes Quiz
• Tempo Command Quiz